Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jet Lag

Does everyone enjoy jet lag? I love it. It's a parallel universe you are allowed to inhabit for at least a week after a holiday! Everyone is sympathetic as you fall helplessly asleep in the middle of a meeting or while having dinner, amazed and impressed when you rise alert and full of energy at 4:30 AM and indulgent about promises made and not kept (I know I said I'd come at six, but I fell asleep and I just couldn't wake up).

And the sleep! Ah! It wraps itself around you like a velvet glove, sinking you deep into a world of peace and tranquility. You struggle feebly to resist and it pushes you back down into the pillow, murmuring things like "Later." "In just ten more minutes." "Not possible."

Right now I am in the Jet Lag Grace Period. I know it's really over, but since I am still waking at 5 AM, I feel I still have enough of a Moral High Ground to throw my weight around a bit. It won't last. But oh, I do love it while it does!

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