Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Little Girl at the Window

Can there be anything more delightful than finding a child at your window, just inches below the sill and eye-level with your desk, peering in at you - you, so seriously engaged, all hunched over your laptop and thinking about really important things - and grinning?

That's my Lakshi. She bursts into my life whenever it suits her. She has no concept of my time or my pre-occupations or my need to get to the office before noon. "Mom'" she says arms up in the air. I melt.

When her Dad (Our Man Vickers) had his stroke, she and her brother Vijay turned to me and Ravi for security and safety in a time of turmoil in their little world. Now she is an everyday part of MY world and she comes running to be scooped up  each morning.

Lakshi is tiny and that is part of her charm. She is also fierce and opinionated and full of curiosity about everything under the sun. She is my delight and my sunshine, a little corner of the world which is simple and clear and complete. Lakshmi is the Goddess of Wealth. That's what Lakshi does for my life.

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Veena said...

How is Vickers now ?