Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grey Hair, Part 2

Well, maybe I have a few more things to say about going grey.

It wasn't actually a sudden decision. I first began thinking about it when my oldest friend - Martha Rose - came to India for a visit last year. Like me, she had been dyeing her hair for over 20 years. This is how she looked when I last saw her in America:

Adorable. But when she arrived in India, look what she had done! Now she looked regal, full of the wisdom of the ages:

Yet, somehow, no less adorable, no less fetching:

I began to think seriously about following her example.

Over the next few months, images of other friends kept flashing through my mind:





And Vina, the ultimate in white-haired beauty.

Oh, yes, there were men, too . . . (beautiful men, in fact)

. . . but we all know it's different for men. I needed women as role models.

And one fine day, I decided that not only did I need role models for the white-haired life - I wanted to BE one. And now here I am: still a fledgling, still taking baby steps, but having such fun! About to fly!


Entropy said...


If you’re going to be anxious and rush around about anything,
do it first about finding the “I can” of the universe
and how it straightens out your life.
Line up your starting place with that of the cosmos:
search and ask and boil with impatience
until you find the vision of the One Being
that empowers all your ideas and ideals,
that restores your faith and justifies your love.

All the rest–the universal and endless “things”
of life–
will then attach themselves to you as you need them.
You will stand at the threshold where
completeness arrives naturally
and prostration leads to perfection.
Pouring yourself out makes the universe do
the same.


P said...

Grey hair is like a halo of wisdom :) There you go :)Suits you perfect!

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Thanks, P! Coming from a "woman of many shades" that's a real compliment!

Veena said...

You look gorgeous ! Both Vibha and I have wowed to look grey and gracious !

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Veena, it helps when you start out gorgeous like you and Vibha!