Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Scoop: Quality Control

Moy Moy has been eating Ensure for five years now. She goes through two tins every week which makes 520 tins since she got the tube put in.

520 tins.

Each one comes with a little blue scoop as the standard measure and I always save the one from the previous tin because I am always nervous that it will be missing in the new one.

But hurrah for Ensure! It hasn't been missing even once. 520 times I have opened those tins and each time when I discover that familiar pale blue scoop buried yet again in that powdered food,  I say a little prayer of thanks to the combined forces of technology and business and medicine and simple old-fashioned day to day care which keep our darling girl fed. Aren't we lucky to be alive here and now, in this century with these solutions? And whoever those factory workers are who make sure a little scoop is included in each and every tin: I salute you!

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