Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Government Websites in India

Is there some rule that says the Government of India MUST make its websites as impenetrable, tedious and boring as humanly possible?

Here's a screen shot from the Ministry of Social Justice. I spent an hour wading through its nightmarish pages (6 point font size) trying to find the "scheme" I was looking for.

And here's one from the Rehabilitation Council of India:

which is entertaining and concisely written: "As the annual turnover of professional manpower trained through the regular institutions could hardly meet the demand of trained manpower in the area of special education and rehabilitation, the council envisaged its vision to render services to all people with disabilities in the country and providing them age and disability appropriate continuum of rehabilitation services, opted for the other mode of curriculum transaction, i.e., distance mode." 

With all the wonderful website designers who are looking for work in this country (I could give references for any number, right this minute), does the Government HAVE to go to H. N. Boring and Sons Pvt Ltd EVERY time???/



Entropy said...

Absolutely True.. They are extremely annoying,infuriating, exasperating, maddening,and also outdated..

However..Simplicity is more complex than we probably think it is... Moreover, as a society we are not yet evolved to recognize, understand and value aesthetics and design ..

Anonymous said...

Of all the love I have for India, I never understand why either. We are a nation of uber smart engineers and what have you, why not hire them to design these websites?

The second picture has nothing except words on it. I'll give you a word - boring.

*end of rant*

Anonymous said...

There's a book by T S R Subramanian, ex-Cabinet Secretary of India, "Journeys Through Babudom And Netaland: Governance In India" about how statements are obfuscated and how responsibility is avoided. You'll find a review here:

Another nice book on the fundamental intelligibility of Indian English is "Indlish" by Jyoti Sanyal.
his blog is at

Hope you'll find these books as informative as I did.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I made a typo; it should be unintelligibility instead of intelligibility.