Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ten Seconds To Change Your Mind

Gmail has added a new feature: After you send an email, you get this message: "Your message has been sent. Undo."

You then have ten seconds to change your mind. Hit "Undo" and you are instantly reassured: "Sending has been undone."

Nice touch. But ten seconds? I went to my "Settings" page and found that while I actually have two options, ten seconds is the generous one. The other choice is to change my mind in five.

Impulsive as I am, thoughtlessly sending emails of indignation, self-righteousness, fawning admiration and too-clever-by-half sarcasm, my regrets come late at night while trying to fall asleep. "Why did I hit send?" I groan (again). "Why didn't I hit save instead? Why didn't I just sleep over it?"

Thanks for trying, Gmail, but I guess it's not fair to expect to find self-control, restraint, prudence and mature judgment on a free email service. Maybe I should upgrade.

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