Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Own Miracle

Ten years ago, our doctor told us that Moy Moy probably only had a few more months to live. She had been having up to 16 major seizures in a day and her decline in every sphere had been precipitous. Although at that point she was eating on her own and could still walk with assistance, she was virtually non-verbal and less and less responsive each passing day.

We didn't argue with our doctor. Ten years seemed like a generous amount of time for a child who had been born on the side of a road, 12 weeks premature, weighing in at one kilo. We felt we had been lucky to keep her for this long.

But Moy Moy had her own plans and she didn't consult with us or our doctor or anyone else about how she would organise things. She simply did it: defied the odds, carried on, and taught us all a thing or two in the process.

As year after year melted into the next, we realized what a gift each year, each week, each moment actually is. Living under a death sentence ("she only has a few months left" never left our mind) concentrates the mind wonderfully. How precious this breath is. How lucky we are to be alive.

And to have our Moy Moy - still with us, still here.

Today Moy Moy turned 20, and to celebrate, we invited the entire Foundation and a few scattered friends who (for reasons unknown) are not in the Foundation.

I spent the day making cakes (FOUR!) and organising chairs, flowers and water glasses. In-between, I found a few moments to give thanks for the joy this young woman has brought to so many lives, for the purpose she has helped us to discover, for the mission she has created and is now responsible for. . .


Shachi Uniyal said...

Our best wishes are always with Moy. She's the darling of the foundation, the very reason we all are together. We all love you Moy Moy. God bless you.

Natasha said...

Happy Birthday, Moy Moy

Shelja Sen said...

A Big (though belated) Birthday Hug from all of us. Lots of love. Shelja, Amit, Nishat & Anya

Meet Kaur said...

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~*~Patty S said...

Dear Jo ~ once again you've touched my heart so sweetly.
Moy Moy is a precious wonder...what a lovely and fitting celebration!

I am fumbling for words to express myself...quite often you leave me speechless...thank you for your words of Love and Kindness and Understanding...all ways Jo.

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Thank you, Patty!

ana @ i made it so said...

how precious this breath... absolutely. i enjoyed reading this jo, especially within the context of having just read moy moy's story which you recently shared. thank you for introducing us to moy moy, her story and her spirit. and yours!

Tara Benwell said...

This post is so beautifully written, Jo. Thanks for helping your readers get to know Moy Moy. What an amazing story you have. I'm so thankful for Ana's archive dive that brings me to your blog each week.

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

ana, Tara, many thanks. Moy Moy is worrying me this morning with a high fever and a bad chest infection - she's been struggling with these all year. Say a prayer, please!