Monday, November 1, 2010


I have always been fascinated by twins - haven't you? Apart from assuming I would have a set of my own (my mother was a twin, her mother was a twin and my father's father was too), I have always wondered about twins' life in the womb: how much do they talk? What do they know about each other? Is every relationship in life measured against this one?

Well, I didn't get twins, but my nephew and his wife did (and he's a nephew by marriage, not even a rightful beneficiary of my excellent twin genes!). So when I was in Mumbai, of course, I hurried right over to meet the babies.

This is Aryaveer, the not-so-little boy who, compared to his sister, Suhani,

is a bit of a hulk.

But no worries. They are both adorable.

Given my curiosity about their life together in the womb, I was particularly interested in their communication styles. They did not disappoint.

"Tell me everything", she says.

"What?" he replies. "Here? In front of everyone?"

"Oh." she says. "Maybe you're right. Too public."

"Way too public."

"Hey," she says. "You over there. Can you help us out? We need a little privacy."

"Oh my gosh," he says. "I can't believe you said that."


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I simply love the kids and their communicative interpretation !

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That is heaps cute!

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