Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Traffic Jam in the Three Vehicle Family's Driveway

It's a complicated life when you use wheelchairs to get around. Just ask Moy.

She uses the one in the front for her in-house mobility. It matches the living room furniture and has padded footrests for extra comfort. But it's heavy and it doesn't fold.

So then there's the red and black one: waterproof, light-weight and portable. She uses that to sit in when she takes a bath and then asks me to put it in the sun to dry so that it's available in case we want to pop it in the car for a trip to church, a restaurant or a friend's place which is too far to walk to.

And for those walking excursions, the  blue one is our favorite. That's the sports car in our lineup and where would we be without it? Moy Masi gave it to her niece over ten years ago. It's been through three cover changes and two sets of tires. It's all-terrain, comfortable and secure even without seatbelts and lets us march all over Vasant Vihar, FRI and Indira Nagar with ease.

Over the top? Perhaps. But at least they are all clean, green, and eco-friendly! And they keep Moy right in the center of the universe, where she belongs.

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Hello, I'm Paul. said...

Being at the centre of the universe is most important so I was heartened by the tale of Moy and her three vehicles.