Friday, June 25, 2010


I spotted these two girls sitting off by themselves yesterday at Latika Vihar.

All the other kids were deeply involved in the dance lesson. These two seemed deeply involved in watching - not the dancing, but something only they could see, off in the distance, waiting to be put down on paper.

So I decided to watch them. Instructive! They were intent and purposeful, their heads down most of the time, trying to capture what they were looking at and make it visible to others.

Of course, being human, as well as pretty new to the artistic life, they were curious about what the other one was doing.

 Though they pretended not to be . . .

I love these last shots, conferring with their teacher:

The joy of creation, the presentation of a work of art.


Entropy said...

Essentially you are gifted and sensitive storyteller -

Pl consider publishing your work/Thoughts..

Richa said...

amazing pics. Got here by chance..

Jo Chopra McGowan said...

Thanks, Richa! Just checking your blogs - nice!

I am from the US, but living in India for the past 29 years. Are you coming back?