Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Celebrating Books

It began when our shipment of Tulika Books arrived.

We had saved a little stash of money and we decided to splurge on a whole stack of high quality children's picture books, recommended by our friend Nicola Tansley, mostly in Hindi (a rare commodity around here).

When the box of nearly 200 titles arrived, Priyam and I swooned - so many! So colorful! We couldn't just dispatch them to the various centres. They simply demanded a party.

Priyam, girl wonder, designed the invitation that set the perfect tone.

The project heads were all curious and amused, with no idea what was coming.

I stayed up until two AM making chocolate chip cookies and Priyam got in to the office early to wrap up four individual stacks of books and also to round up a few hat substitutes.

Everyone loves a gift. They were all smiles as they unwrapped the packages.

But the fun really began when they started reading:

because every story seemed perfect for every centre . . . so then the negotiations and the trading:

the serious considerations:

and the jubilant victories:

And all presided over by yours truly, the Irish Cat in the Hat:

Isn't it funny that we get paid for this sort of stuff? That this is our JOB? (Don't tell anyone!)


Tulika Publishers said...

What a delightful story and what lovely pictures:) Would love to hear more about how the children reacted to the books. Thanks for sharing!

ashokscape said...

Cool! Always a delight to see someone smile at your books! I too thank you for sharing this!