Thursday, April 22, 2010


Everybody who ever washes the dishes in our house (there are several people) puts the blue tray as you see it here. Every time I notice, I move it to the spot where I think it belongs, which is here:

I do it somewhat pointedly, hoping that the others will notice, but I cannot bring myself to say anything because I know it is verging on Cranky Old Lady Behavior and I already have plenty of other COLBs on my list:
  1. Can you PLEASE save some of the cold milk for me so I can have COLD milk in my tea and not hot? (You have to live in India to understand this one.)
  2. The GREEN bowl goes here and the GLASS bowl goes there.
  3. Can you please remember to hang the milk fluffer RIGHT SIDE UP so the water drains out?
  4. I'll make MY OWN TOAST, thank you very much.
Get it? The aggrieved EMPHASIS, the carefully courteous just short of irritated tone? AM I CRAZY? These things are totally meaningless to anyone but me and giving them any importance whatever is just a recipe for querulousness and unhappiness. Noted.

Put the tray wherever you like.

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