Friday, August 14, 2009

Unwanted 72

I was in a crowded, noisy restaurant this evening and, as is so often the case, a television was on with the sound switched off. One ad, which played three times over, was for an emergency "contraceptive" called Unwanted 72.

The ad shows a stylish woman in a nightclub looking distressed and upset. A friend tells her something (I couldn't hear the dialogue in that loud restaurant I was in, but I could imagine it) and then the ad cuts to a close-up of an "Unwanted 72" package.

Back to the woman, now downing a glass of water.

Final shot: the woman, her friend and two men sashaying out of the club. The woman in question looks triumphant, relieved, and ready to party.

Unwanted 72. Get rid of that pesky, unwanted baby. No problem, as long as you do it within 72 hours.

National television. Kill a baby so you can go on partying. No apologies. Friends, it's later than we think.

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Kavita said...

Oh , I share your angst.Have you seen the "i pill" ad too? along similiar lines .
On a different note, my grudge is also that its being aired without mediation or notice on all prime time channels. I have 8 year olds talking about it and abortion...we need some media regulation desperately.