Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mela at Latika Vihar!

Everybody loves a mela. Shaila and the Latika Vihar team were dead set on having one NOW, in spite of my warnings about outdoor events in the rainy season. Would they listen? No, they would not. So a mela it was, and on their heads it was to be it.

And - Praise the Lord - the weather was perfect (just a tad hot). We had a record turn-out and made a profit of over 10,000 rupees! All of it will go toward the one lakh we need to renovate Latika Vihar.

There were so many things happening it was hard to decide which ones to photograph. So here's a random sampling from a day chock-full of fun, excitement and the joy of being alive and with friends on a hot summer day.

We begin with the pinata series. Here are the boys trying to confuse Ajay so he can't remember where to swing his stick:

Then he gets his bearings:

And takes a mighty swing!

While his fans cringe in anticipation. . .

The little ones performed an outstanding play - "Akbar and Birbal" which featured the most charming and unrepentant thief I have ever seen:

and the standing-room-only crowd loved it:

Our older boys staged an amazing dance performance which mesmerized the audience

and proved so inspiring that the whole group stormed the stage when they were done to do their own renditions!

But in the end, melas are about food, right?

Here's one little girl who had her fundas right!

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Entropy said...

Let’s give the world to the children just for one day
like a balloon in bright and striking colours to play with
let them play singing among the stars
let’s give the world to the children
like a huge apple like a warm loaf of bread
at least for one day let them have enough
let’s give the world to the children
at least for one day let the world learn friendship
children will get the world from our hands
they’ll plant immortal trees

-By Nazim Hikmet